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Microneedling Treatment

Procell Microchanneling

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Our microchanneling service has microneedling...evolved!

Skin rejuvenation with Microchanneling is a non-invasive way to safely create a smoother, healthier and younger-looking appearance, working to naturally regenerate the skin.

Microchanneling is designed to stimulate your body’s own natural ability to generate collagen, elastin and other building blocks of healthy skin.
What is Microchanneling?
Microchanneling is also known as collagen induction therapy and is an advancement in traditional microneedling skin care. ProCell Microchanneling is a minimally invasive procedure that uses microneedles to create microscopic channels in the skin. This triggers the body’s natural healing response, which leads to the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen is a protein that gives skin its elasticity and strength, while elastin helps skin return to its original shape after being stretched or pulled. Micro channeling is unique in the it stimulates the wound healing response with new collagen production without creating long-term damage to the skin like other invasive treatments. It significantly improves skin texture, decreases fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes the appearance of dark spots and melasma, and reduces the appearance of stretch marks, acne scars, and atrophic scars.

How does Procell Microchanneling work?
Procell creates invisible micro-channels and stimulates specialized Stem Cells in your skin, and in your immune system to produce proteins called cytokines, peptides, and growth factors that help rejuvenate the structure of your skin. MicroChanneling also induces the rapid production of high-quality new collagen via stimulation, rather than the old methods that merely damage the skin.

Why Does Skin Age?
You age, visibly and invisibly, every day. Sun damage, internal inflammation, chemicals, and even gravity all work against the youthful vitality of your skin. As we get older, fewer regenerative stem cells survive to repair this constant damage.

What does a ProCell treatment feel like?
Most patients report warmth or minor skin pricks as the treatment is delivered. Many find the treatment relaxing and comfortable. Most patients can tolerate superficial treatments without any topical anesthetic.

Is there a downtime following my ProCell treatment?
Procell Microchenneling produces maximum stimulation, with minimal inflammation. This balanced approach to skin rejuvenation reduces recovery time to near zero while maximizing results! Most patients experience a mild redness following treatment. This varies widely based on the client and skin type. Redness can last from 60-90 minutes. Clients may apply makeup to the treated area one hour after treatment and return to normal activities.

How many ProCell treatments do I need?
Everyone is different in terms of their needs and expectations. This depends on what you are treating with the microchanneling and how well your skin responds to the treatment. Results can be seen after 1 session. A series of 3-6 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart is generally recommended for maximum, long-lasting results. The amount of sessions will depend on your individual needs.

When will I see the results?
Results can be seen after 1 session. You’ll experience an almost immediate improvement in skin tone, texture, laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles. You’ll see the long-term improvement that resists the aging process when you complete a series of treatments as recommended by our licensed and certified estheticians. Visible improvement in aging skin, acne and other scarring, uneven or hyper-pigmented skin & overall tone and texture are visible after your first treatment with Procell. And with our expertise, we can show you how to make those results last!

Is the ProCell Microchanneling treatment safe?
Microchanneling treatments are very safe and side effects are uncommon. There is relatively little risk in Microchanneling treatments when being performed by knowledgeable skincare professionals. Microchanneling has also been shown to be safe to use on all skin types.

Where Can You Use MicroChanneling?
"" The most amazing thing about MicroChanneling is all the areas of the body that can be treated! Because it simply tells the body to heal itself better… it can do so many things!
    On the face:
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scars (it’s fantastic on these!!)
  • Surgical scars
  • Rosacea or redness on the face
  • Reduces pore size
  • Age spots, melasma, and other pigmentation on the face
  • Loose skin
  • Firms, tightens and tones the skin
    On the Body:
  • Reduces scars
  • Minimizes stretchmarks
  • Significantly fades age spots and discoloration
  • Tightens loose skin on arms, inner thighs, stomach, above knees and so much more!
    Hair Restoration:
  • Stimulates hair follicles to increase growth
  • Helps make hair shinier and more vibrant
  • Doesn’t disrupt with coloring hair
  • Uses a special formula just designed for the scalp
  • Works on men or women
    Advantages of microchanneling or What are the benefits of MicroChanneling?
  • Decreased wrinkles
  • Improved acne scars
  • Reduced inflammation associated with acne breakouts
  • Firmer, tighter skin
  • Increased collagen and elastin production
  • Increased cell turnover
  • Suitable for all skin types. *If you have a compromised skin barrier, we will work on this first.
  • No drag or pore enlargement can occur with MicroChanneling
  • Virtually no downtime (most people are 60-90 minutes) compared to days with traditional microneedling)
  • Very comfortable service

How often should I have Procell Microchenneling Treatments?
A series of 6 or more Procell treatments, about once a month can dramatically improve your skin’s firmness, smoothness, elasticity, hydration, sensitivity & tone.

How is Procell Microchanneling different from other treatments?
Chemical Peels, IPL & laser treatments all have their place in aesthetic skin care, and they all produce improvement by a mild, controlled injury to the skin in order to cause a healing response for rejuvenation.

Procell MicroChanneling is unique in that it stimulates this wound-healing response and new collagen production by triggering the release of epidermal growth factors, peptides, and cytokines with little actual damage to the skin.

The treatment produces a clinically significant increase in the production of new collagen and elastin through the release of powerful peptides, growth factors, and cytokines. Microneedling vs Microchanneling; What’s the Difference? Attach pic of comparison as in How MicroChanneling Outperforms Traditional MicroNeedling Or SkinPen - Elemental Esthetics

Microneedling vs Microchanneling; What’s the Difference?
microchanneling vs microneedling
Skin needling, microneedling, microchanneling – could someone please explain to me the difference? First of all, ’skin needling’ is just a general term used to describe any minimally invasive aesthetic treatment that involves a device utilizing fine needles. Both microneedling and microchanneling fall under this category. The most significant difference is the technique used to create the channels. In microneedling, the esthetician ’drags’ the device across the skin to create the channels. Procell Microchanneling uses a stamping method, resulting in a more uniform and controlled treatment that generally ensures better results with fewer side effects. The ProCell Microchanneling system also uses smaller needles than traditional microneedling devices, making it more comfortable and reducing recovery time. Additionally, ProCell uses a key factor: Stem Cell Cytokines & Growth Factors to create a strong healing cascade for quicker, longer-lasting results that improve the overall health of your skin from the inside out.
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