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Everything You Need to Know About Stem Cells


"Stem cells have had a lot of press over the last decade, some good and some bad. Most of the conversations have centered around where they are sourced from (cord blood, fetuses, etc.) but there is no denying that the potential for stem cells to improve the health of human tissue remains high. Stem cells are not always sourced from humans. Animals can also be donors, and more recently plants have been the source of certain stem cells. Beyond where they come from, stem cells are being utilized for the repair and rejuvenation of tissues and organs and are starting to become a major feature in cosmetic medicine.

Osmosis’ StemFactor uses stem cell technology in a different way because we are not using the actual stem cells in a bottle. Instead we use a combination of stem cells (IPS and Mesenchymal) and fibroblast cells that we feed and nourish to stimulate the production of growth factors. Human stem cells and fibroblasts make over 150 different growth factors that are naturally found in your skin. As we get older, the number of growth factors declines which affects new cell formation, skin nutrition and immune repair activity, all of which are critical to keeping our skin young. Osmosis is the only company offering the combination of cells mentioned, giving us the greatest diversity and potency in growth factors through Osmosis’ StemFactor that has liposomal delivery of these rejuvenating growth factors.

Other companies offer individual growth factors made by bacteria that distort healthy skin by over-emphasizing a particular response in the skin. This can lead to increases in cancer cell formation, but more often it simply reduces the skin’s ability to perform effective repair. Many companies are touting plant stem cells as a way to rejuvenate the skin. This does not make physiologic sense. The skin is not going to convert from a foreign plant cell into human tissue of any kind. Animal stem cells and/or DNA from animal sources also suffer the same fate of being considered an intruder more than a savior. The other issue with both animal and plant stem cells is the viability of the material. All cells are very fragile and are unable to withstand the stresses of harvesting, shipping and manufacturing.

StemFactor sets itself apart because it communicates to our cells in the language they understand. The process of gathering the growth factors has been perfected to maximize the stability and penetration while giving the skin the tools it needs in a balanced fashion. You will find its benefits include helping acne, rosacea, aging and hyperpigmentation because it strengthens our skin’s immune system, which improves all skin conditions!. "

by Ben Johnson, MD - founder of Osmosis skincare. October 2011 newsletter